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Arc of Appalachia Preserve System
When you think wilderness, does present-day Ohio come to mind? Probably not.
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Wonderful weeds
By this time of year, our battle with the weeds that have marched into our gardens, flowerbeds and lawns has raged all summer long.
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Hanging on to our heritage breeds
If you've not heard of Leicester Longwool sheep, Narragansett turkeys or American Cream draft horses, you're probably not alone.
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Rural Issues: Agricultural Easment Purchase Program
Each year, America loses two million acres of farmland, woodlands and natural areas. Ohio's precious farmland has been dwindling away for more than half a century.
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Saving the seeds of our past
Today, we take for granted grocery store shelves and farmers' markets overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables. But our ancestors had to rely on their own skills.
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