Solar Power Research Project

Location: Butler REC offices, Oxford, OH
Cost: Approximately $30,000 (including data monitoring and other specialized equipment)
Panel: 230-square-foot Evergreen Model EC-115
Estimated solar output: 250 kWh/month
Contacts: Miami University - Dr. Catherine Almquist, 513-529-2203;
Installation date: Sept. 20, 2006
Installer: Third Sun Solar and Wind Power, Ltd., Athens, Ohio
Capacity: 2.3 kilowatts
Data: Butler REC - Lisa Staggs Herrmann 800-255-2732;

The "economics" of a 2.3KW photovoltaic system based on the Butler REC/Buckeye Power Solar Power Research Project:

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Size of photovoltaic (PV) system: 2.3 kilowatts (KW)
Initial cost: $23,000
Annual cost: $2,400
Monthly kWh: 250 kWh/month or 109 kWh/month/kW
Annual kWh: 3,000
Projected capacity factor: 3,000/(2.3 kW x 8,760) = 14.9%
Cost of PV electricity: $0.80/kWh (80¢/kWh)

Solar panel

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